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On Monday the 5th of May, the consultation started again.
If you or someone of your family had Covid-19 symptomes, you have to report it.
Take with you a protection of mouth and nose and also 2 stickers of the mutuality.
Come alone, except if you have problems to explain yourself.

We are at your disposal for an accurate diagnosis and bespoke treatment of orthopedic disorders, rheumatism and osteoarthritis of joints and spine, tendon problems( e.g. tendonitis), muscle and nerve disorders( e.g. Carpal tunnel syndrome).
Not only is a precise diagnosis essential to effectively treat a specific condition, so is working together with an appropriate and specialized practitioner: physiotherapist, osteopath, orthopedic technician, general practitioner or specialist ( orthopedic surgeon, hand surgeon, internist, neurologist, rheumatologist, radiologist, ...).

              Dr.RAMAEKERS Marijke 


dr ramaekers